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Check out the article about my Everest climb as published by German newspaper “Offenburger Tageblatt”.  The article is in German, so I’ve provided an English translation below.  I did request permission to publish a direct translation of the article in English from the German newspaper.

Appeared in newspaper “Offenburger Tageblatt” by Reiff Medien, March 20, 2017, Ortenau (a district of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany)

“Blog from the roof of the world”

Markus Hauschild is planning to climb Mt. Everest/Hard training and Preparation

Markus Hauschild wants to climb the world’s highest mountain and does everything to make this dream reality.  The journey is expected to begin on March 25, 2017, Markus will be on the road for two month.

He wants to climb the world’s highest mountain and does everything to make this dream a reality:  Markus Hauschild, engineer and passionate mountain climber.  The researcher, who grew up in Ortenau (a district of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany), and works in Silicon Valley south of San Francisco, has always had a soft spot for mountains.

Hauschild grew up in Ortenau, where he lived until 1996 and hiked the black forest.  Already as a child, his parents always took him along for hiking.  The engineer remembers that as time went on, the mountains that they climbed grew higher.  Accordingly, he has already climbed Alaska’s highest mountain, the Denali, and no mountain in South America was safe from him.  “Of course, after Mt. Everest, there won’t be any higher mountain left to climb,” says Hauschild with a wink.

Since he lives in California, he has plenty of opportunity to train.  “Besides research, I still have time for surfing, mountain biking, and skiing – sometimes all during the same day.”  He lives in Los Angeles and San Francisco and works on obtaining patents in various high technology areas.

Why specifically Mt. Everest ?  This mountain was always on his mind.  When friends kept asking him whether he wanted to climb the world’s highest mountain, he really started planning the expedition.  The application for a climbing permit was straightforward and thus he was able to start planning.

To efficiently prepare for the Mt. Everest climb, Hauschild trains after work in a fitness center.  “At the moment I focus on endurance training and weight lifting.”  Fortunately, he has found a trainer who understands the specific requirements to prepare for a mountain climb,” says Markus Hauschild.

The journey will begin March 25, 2017.  Altogether, the climb will take 2 months.  The passionate athlete takes a relaxed view of his impending begin of his expedition to the world’s highest mountain.  “I have done everything to prepare myself.”  In addition, Mt. Everest is not known as a particularly difficult climb and Hauschild has gained much experience with somewhat more difficult mountains.

Markus Hauschild knows however, that despite a good preparation, there is no guarantee to make it to the top.  “The weather plays a big role and there is the risk of getting sick,”  says the engineer.  Getting sick worries him most.  Particularly, many mountain climbers have problems with the change in nutrition, but also some will experience altitude sickness.  Nevertheless, he looks optimistically toward the future and is looking forward to all adventures.

His family and his friends reacted to his plans as always: “In the beginning, the plans are dismissed as a crazy idea, after that they recognize that I am serious.  Then they would try to dissuade me from the project, to finally realize that it is futile and that I will go anyway,” says the researcher.