04/01/17: Blessings from Lama Geshi

Today we hiked to Pangboche; another tiny village on the way to Everest Base Camp.  Pangboche is home to Lama Geshi who we had the pleasure of meeting today.  He is the highest ranking Lama in the region (and #3 after the Dalai Lama).  For decades he has blessed climbers and trekkers in the Everest region.  We visited him in his house near the monastery, where he held a comprehensive ceremony for our team.  We were each blessed individually, we prayed together, and then had some tea.

The prayers were held in Tibetan and were first translated to Nepalese and finally to English.  Although a lot might have gotten lost in translation, the basic messages always came across.  He prayed for our safe return from the mountain and also reminded us to “be good to other people.”

With that in mind, we are prepared to move another step closer to Base Camp tomorrow.  Looking out the window, I’m noticing that we are experiencing a small snow storm.  I don’t know how this will affect our plans, but with our luck, the sky will be perfectly blue by the time we wake up.