Final post before my departure – one more day!

Last Sunday, I decided to soak in the city life one last time before spending the next two months in the middle of nowhere.  So, I split the day in half-

In the morning, I biked up Mount Wilson for training.  That’s about 5,000 vertical feet – pretty good exercise.  The view from the summit across the entire L.A. basin is nothing short of spectacular.  It was such a clear day with visibility spanning well beyond 100 miles.  I could clearly see Catalina Island and even San Clemente and San Nicolas Islands.

View over Downtown LA
View over Downtown L.A., with the Pacific Ocean in the horizon

I spent the second half of the day hanging out at L.A.’s super-hip Arts District with friends.

Mural in LA Arts District
Artists at work – a mural in  L.A.’s Arts District

It’s such a colorful, lively neighborhood, or in other words: the exact opposite of what I’ll be seeing over the next few weeks.  Being at such a high altitude sometimes feels like being in a black and white movie: the blue sky is the only color in addition to the white snow/ice and the gray/black rocks.  I really enjoyed these last moments of urban life before my departure.

Mural Mountains
Another mural – almost as black & white as the mountains