Packing – Only 4 Days Left!

Almost there!  I leave for Nepal on Thursday, March 23.  Packing does not sound particularly exciting, but it is important, nevertheless. 

Packing – the theory

There is a multi-page gear list of items that I am going to need, and I have them all spread out on the floor to make sure that nothing is missing. 

Packing – the reality


I am pretty happy with the pile on my living room floor.  Nothing major is missing, and now I only have to figure out how to squeeze ALL of this into as few bags as possible. 

Important packing constraints to consider:  Of course, everything needs to get from Los Angeles to Kathmandu in one piece.  That’s the easy part, although I may have to pay extra.  Then it gets more complicated because there are strict weight limitations for the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla (which is where the trek to base camp begins). 

The gear allowance includes:

  • 33 lbs. trekking duffle
  • 11 lbs. backpack
  • 66 lbs. basecamp duffle 

I have no idea whether what you see in the photo is within these limits.  My emergency stash of gummy bears alone is already 5 lbs., and in addition to what’s shown, I also need to consider the weight of my photo/video equipment.  Also, the 66 lbs. basecamp duffle can only hold non-breakable items that I don’t need during the trek to basecamp because it will be hauled to basecamp on the back of a yak.