Internet on Everest!!!

… and eventually Internet may even be free on Everest.  Even if free Internet is not offered during my climb, there will be some form of (probably costly) Internet connection available, allowing me to regularly update this blog.

I’ve built a nice little setup that allows me to keep in touch with the rest of the world while at Everest Base Camp.

So much fun buying all this stuff

Pictured above are:

  1. My trusty camera – a LUMIX GX8 paired with a 14-140mm lens; takes AMAZING photos and videos, while not quite as heavy as a full-size DSLR.
  2. My new GoPro HERO5– this awesome device is also voice-controlled which will allow me to shoot photos and videos by giving simple voice commands.  This means I won’t have to take off my gloves just to get an incredible shot.
  3. My laptop –  which I will use not only to maintain this blog, but also to get some work done when there’s nothing else going on.
  4.  Backup Batterya Goal Zero Sherpa 50; will recharge my laptop, but also serves as a power source for the GoPro at higher elevations where the camera’s battery will most likely fail due to low temps.
  5. Solar Panels – included with the Goal Zero Sherpa 50.
  6. Universal Power Adapter 

The battery, solar panels, and power adapter allows me to power all my devices.  Let’s hope that this works – if it doesn’t, there won’t be any updates here.

Oh, and yes: I will answer work-related emails, although my responses may be delayed.