Training – it’s essential!

Climbing Mount Everest is a huge physical commitment.  It requires several months of climbing in an uncompromising environment.  Higher up on the mountain, there isn’t enough oxygen to breathe, temperatures are extremely low, yet your body needs to produce energy to continue without getting much rest.  To summarize it: humans are simply not made for this environment.

Not what it used to be – all the cardio exercise taking its toll.

Proper training is therefore key to success.  Squats, bench presses and deadlifts help build strength and body-mass.  I lost almost 15 lbs. in less than two weeks while climbing in Bolivia a few months ago.  The exercise helped me rebuild what’s been lost.

By now I’m mostly focusing on endurance exercises, while occasionally throwing in a weight lifting session to maintain my strength, and I’ve been fortunate to have found a personal trainer who understands these very specific needs.  One less thing to worry about.


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