Sherpa – Trouble on Everest



… the above statement is spot on:  Certainly, the Everest blockbuster movie was quite impressive, but this one is way more significant.

Most likely, you’ve never heard of this movie.  It’s a documentary that covers the disastrous events of 2014 when an avalanche in the Khumbu ice fall killed numerous Sherpas.  Here’s the trailer:

I’ve watched this movie several times already, yet I still feel shaken whenever I watch it again.  It of course doesn’t help that everything is so strangely familiar:  the scenery, including the mountains and some of the villages, faces, voices, and the events that are quite well documented.  And then there is the ice fall itself – seeing, in the documentary,  how much it constantly moves, I am seriously wondering how we made it through eight times, without any losses.

Even if you haven’t been to Nepal, this is a great movie to watch.  The images are stunning, and the film won numerous awards; obviously in the category “best documentary” but it also won other awards, even in categories such as “best soundtrack”.

More importantly, though, this movie is mostly about people and their personalities.  A lot of it is sad, some of it outright disturbing.

Here’s what some critics said about it:

  • Patrick Peters of Empire magazine wrote: “…this is a spectacular, intimate and politically provocative exposé of the dangers, racial tensions and harsh economic realities on the world’s highest mountain.”
  • Geoffrey MacNab of The Independent wrote: “No one here emerges in an especially positive light. There is bad faith on all sides but, amid all the bickering about money and safety, Peedom always also pays attention to the courage and selflessness of her subjects.”

See for yourself and let me know what you think!

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