5/18/17: Summit, Here We Come!

As you read this post, I’ll already be on my way to the summit.  I would’ve liked to post this sooner, but our summit strategy had to be kept confidential until we were actually on our way.  We believe that our strategy decision will allow us to reach the summit without encountering too many other teams on our way up and down, thus making it a smoother, safer climb.   I’ll provide all the details as soon as I’m back.

It feels good to be heading up, especially after the excruciatingly long wait at base camp.  It got boring, and the long stay at a high altitude made me weak: I’ve lost over 30lbs and I can only hope that I’ll have enough energy left for the summit.  Good that I am, nevertheless, still perfectly healthy!

I’m a bit of a mess – excited to mark this off my bucket list and head back home to recover


Most of my thoughts currently revolve around what I’m going to do as soon as I have summited.  The things that I have a craving for are normally taken for granted, but most don’t exist here.  For example, I want to eat some fresh vegetables.  So, my first stop back in LA might actually be a salad bar.  Of course, a proper hot shower would be nice, too.  I’m also looking forward to a bed with a real mattress with no major dips resulting from the ice underneath having melted throughout the day.  Then, I’ll also have to start exercising again to recover from the ordeal of the climb.  The list is pretty much endless… Life back home will feel like heaven.

Keep your fingers crossed for my summit day!  I will report as soon as I’m back at base camp, hopefully with good news.