4/28/17 – I saw the Yeti!

When I woke up this morning, I encountered an unexpected visitor: a Yeti hanging out on one of the various frozen lakes near camp.  Although grumpy and clearly agitated, he wasn’t in an attacking mood.  I was able to capture this unique moment in a number of photos.  Might very well be the first time ever that a Yeti was photographed.

A Yeti hanging out at our camp – no idea where he found the pink flamingo

That’s not the only entertainment we have here.  The camp also features a small movie theater.  So far, we’ve watched Ocean’s 11-13, Boogie Nights, Caddyshack and a number of other movies.  The theater is set-up in a military tent, equipped with a generator, small projector, and even some limited heating.

But, back to serious business: Tonight at 2am, I’ll leave for my last rotation before the summit bid.  This rotation is supposed to take me up to camp 3 (23,600ft/7,200m), where I’ll have to sleep with an oxygen mask for the first time.  I spent time today making sure that the oxygen set-up is fully operational, and that it fits with other components like goggles, backpack, etc.

Mask and goggles fit perfectly, no skin exposed

More as soon as I return from my camp 3 rotation in a couple of days.