4/18/17: Moving Up for Further Acclimatization

Today’s update is brief.  Not too much is going on here on the 18th because the Sherpas are commemorating the lives lost in the deadly April 18, 2014 ice avalanche.  We are, however, preparing for an early 2am start to move to higher camps towards the summit.

Route map with different camp locations

We will stay at camps 1 and 2 for several days in order to further acclimatize.  I won’t be able to provide updates during that time because no Internet is available at these elevations.  However, as soon as I am back at Base Camp, I should have amazing pictures of the ice fall and the upper camps, which I will post here.

Base Camp has already become my home, and I even set up a small temporary home-office allowing me to answer email, work on some basic work-related projects, and of course to chill, recover and relax.

My temporary office at Everest Base Camp

Stay tuned for more as soon as I am back from my climb to camps 1 and 2…