You’ve Heard of Mt. Everest

Everybody’s heard about Mount Everest.  Located at the border between Nepal and China, this 29,029’ (8,848m) peak poses a formidable climbing challenge, and making it to the summit is considered a major accomplishment.

I don’t consider myself a particularly skilled climber, yet I believe that Mount Everest is a realistic goal.  It’s certainly not something that I’ve always had in mind.  In fact, I made the decision rather spontaneously, after talking to a friend who participated in a 2016 expedition.  Then things started happening way faster than I would’ve thought:  picking an expedition organizer, getting medical clearance, signing up for the climb, and here I am in February 2017, getting ready for the departure to Nepal.

This blog is an attempt to document this journey, covering a variety of topics, including background information, preparation, and of course the climb itself.  There will be frequent updates.  Thanks to today’s technology, there is Internet on the mountain, and I’m therefore planning to make these updates available whenever something interesting happens.

Importantly, this endeavor would not be possible without the support provided by my colleagues at Osha Liang.  Not only are they tolerating my two-month absence from work, but they’re also managing this blog to make my life easier while I’m on the mountain.  Isn’t this remarkable?